Notes: Week 4 (4/19 - 4/25)

E-mail from Aubrey Batchelor (Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability), 4/24

  1. Questions we would like to answer or want data for:
    • There are several areas that have been identified as potential targets for collecting data.
      • One major area of focus is on individual building electricity usage. We currently have no means for tracking this type of information since individual meters are not installed on campus buildings. We do have data on overall electrical usage across campus, but we do not have a system available for tracking usage per building. This will be important data to collect and monitor over time as we strive for green house gas emission reductions in the coming years. It will provide a means to track reductions in electrical usage and to recognize strong reduction efforts for specific buildings and departments. Also it will help to assess what design changes may be necessary in certain buildings to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
      • Another area we currently do not have strong data would be professional air travel. We are able to estimate our GHG emissions from pro travel based on dollar amounts obtained from travel expense vouchers, however we do not have an idea of distance traveled by our professional staff and as a result we do not have an accurate idea of exactly how much GHG emissions the UW community creates when traveling by air.
      • A few months ago we were filling out a survey which asked what percentage of campus appliances were energy star approved. We currently do not collect data on existing energy star approved appliances. Also we are not tracking future appliance purchases to determine how many departments are switching to purchase energy star appliances based on new purchasing recommendations.
      • Our office is interested in tracking website traffic for our new website. We have the tools to start collecting this data however we have not yet begun to collect data since our website is so new. This is an area we are currently developing a metric for.
  2. Best way to examine sustainability data: We would ideally track data using the balanced scorecard method ( We are definitely interested in tracking sustainability data over time as this will provide a means of tracking improvement efforts across various areas of inquiry. It may also be useful in certain areas to track data by department (ex: green purchasing percentage of office supplies or percentage of energy star appliances by department).
  3. Noise: Since we do not have a lot of data being collected at this point in time I would guess that we don't have any metrics which are considered noise.
  4. Contact information for follow up: I wanted to point out that our office is very new, we only opened in the latter part of 2008. As a result we do not track any data directly. I would suggest that you contact several different people who are collecting data and run each of these questions by them as they will likely have much better information and ideas. Here is a list of contacts, please let us know if you would like our assistance in reaching out to any of these individuals. Also if you are having difficulty receiving feedback please let us know and we may be able to assist.
    • Facilities Services:
      Custodial Services (green cleaning) Gene Woodard
      Gene Woodard
      Facilities Services - Custodial Division
      Phone/e-mail redacted.
    • Engineering and Operations John Chapman
      John Chapman
      Executive Director Campus Engineering & Operations
      Facilities Services
      Phone/e-mail redacted.
    • Transportation Services (commuting, fleet services, alternative transportation, etc.) Celeste Gilman
      Celeste A. Gilman
      Transportation Systems Manager
      Commuter Services
      Phone/e-mail redacted.
    • Recycling Anne Eskridge
      Anne Eskridge
      Assistant Director of Transportation Services
      Transportation Services - Facilities Services
      Phone/e-mail redacted.
    • Housing and Food Services (food purchasing, composting, etc.) JR Fulton
      JR Fulton
      Capital Planning and Sustainability Manager
      Housing and Food Services
      Phone/e-mail redacted.
    • Capitol Projects (handles LEED building on campus and other efficiency designs for buildings) Clara Simon
      Clara Simon
      Sustainability Manager
      Capital Projects
      Phone/e-mail redacted.

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